Growing up Copeland

Moment of raw honesty. Hope you hear my heart.

One of my biggest desires is for the church not to have a Christian Celebrity mentality.  Because of social media and television, it's easy to see people with hundreds of thousands of followers and put them on a pedestal. There comes a line that is crossed between honoring a man of God and idolizing them. 

I was so privileged to help my grandparents, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, for 3 years, behind the scenes.

I cooked, I cleaned, I ran to the grocery store, I did RANDOM things. Oh..I have crazy stories. But it was truly one of the BIGGEST honors of my life. It's where I learned what ministry was about: not to be served. But to serve.

It's where I stopped thinking that ministry equals a microphone, but to understand it looks more like a broom. (In the process of writing my next book "I asked for a mic, but God gave me a broom: why servanthood is greater than fame" )

I was called to help. I was called to serve.

However, in that time, there were many times the voice of my grandfather was bigger than the voice of God.

I remember the Lord saying to me, "Jenny you are quicker to obey the voice of your grandfather's than you are to obey mine." 

It was a wake up call to me to begin seeing life as being a GOD-pleaser and not a MAN-pleaser. 

Honor= ABSOLUTELY. It's our call. 

To make the voice of man bigger than the voice of God in our lives?= God forbid. 

I believe that if your pursuit is to please God, not man, then honoring the men you are assigned to help will be a direct result, because God's ultimate way is honor. 

People have said to me, "I want to do this, but I don't come from a ministry family so it's harder for me." 

Yeah, but should it be? If God is the one who has called you, isn't HE the one who will provide?  

Your earthly family name doesn't direct your calling or provision for your life. It's the Heavenly Father who is your Provision. 

 I admit, growing up in a well-known family, It's true many doors have opened because of an earthly name. However, many doors that I assumed would open as I got older never opened and I see it as the Grace of God. 

He moved me away from my family, my comfort zone, into an unknown place and began opening doors that I knew were because I was in HIS family and not my natural family. 

The doors that open and close solely because of my earthly family name, I don't want it.  Yes there are doors that God opens using that name, but I must never give the credit to my earthly name. It's GOD. 

When I think of all this, I fall to my knees and pray to the Father,from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name. Ephesians 3:14-15

PLEASE hear me out. I LOVE being in my earthly family. It's one of the biggest honors.  But a mistake is made when an earthly family name outweighs the family name we've received from God. 

Having an earthly name will NEVER measure up to your Heavenly lineage. As honored as I am to be in this family, being a child of GOD FAR FAR FAR outweighs it.  

That's why you can look at someone who is "well-known" as a brother or sister in Christ and not an idol. That's why you can look at someone who would be a "least of these" and see them as your equal. As your brother. As your sister. 

The blood of Jesus Christ, bringing us in as family, has leveled the playing field, my friends. 

There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female, (No-namers or big names) For you are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28 (Emphasis added)

I don't want to live my life riding on my earthly name.  Honestly, God has never let it be like that for me and for that I am grateful.

Name dropping never got me very far growing up either thanks to my mother. The result of the question 'Do you know who I am?' didn't get me got me a spankin'. 

But I think it's time to begin to see the body of Christ as our family. 

This Kingdom life is a set-the-table-big, invite-EVERYONE-over, open-up-the-doors, family kind of life. 

That's the heart of the Father. To bring us all in and to call us one. 

Growing up Copeland has its own identity attached to it and It no doubt has its easy days and its hard days...However it's growing up Christ's that I find who I really am and it's that name that I cling my life and identity to. 

I hope this blog encourages you to go for whatever it is God has assigned you to do, no matter your family name, upbringing or past, whether the best or the worst. 

May your confidence be found in being in the family of God.  

For the Kingdom. 

Your sister,