Moving away is (not) that hard to do: from fort worth to orlando

This ticket is from when I went to Orlando for a meeting…it was also when this place began to grow in my heart.

This ticket is from when I went to Orlando for a meeting…it was also when this place began to grow in my heart.

There comes a time in our lives where we are found at a point of decision. Actually, as nice and deep as that sounds, it’s more common than we want to realize.

Every single day we are found at a decision:

Follow the Words of Jesus.


Go my own way.

We make those decisions when we are faced with “big things” like “Do I go to this school? Take this job? Marry this person?” all the way to the “small things” like “Do I go this way to work? Do I call this person? Do I pay for their groceries?”

But really, is there such thing as a “big thing” or a “small thing” when following God?

My heart would be to obey Him as quickly and easily in the big things as I would in the small things.

Why? Because if He said it, I’m going to believe it no matter what standard I want to measure it with.

Because I want EVERY word that He says to be BIG  to me.

Another thing I’ve also found, when God shows me a step to take in His plan, it most of the time was something that was not even on my radar. It may never have even crossed my mind…unless I’m saying, “I’ll never do that.”

Isn’t it funny that those are the things you end up oftentimes doing? (Seriously guys, one day you may see me living in California, driving a mini van, owning a cat…)

It brings a whole new light to 1 Corinthians 2:10,  it has not even entered into the heart of man what God has prepared…

Of course what He says for us to do is something we haven’t considered. If we just do what we see is obvious or comfortable, we’ll live a well-lived, safe life.

But when we take a risk to follow Him…That’s how we live a miraculous, God-breathed life.

In August, I’m loading up my life in my SUV + trailer and moving across the country to Orlando, Florida to be a part of Victory Orlando with Pastors Caleb and Sarah Wehrli.  They moved out to Orlando from Tulsa, OK at the beginning of this year to plant a church in East Orlando, launching in September 2014.

I went to Cambodia with them a couple years ago, and God knit our hearts together. I’m so grateful for friendships like these. Caleb and Sarah have some of the biggest, giving hearts I have ever met. They just love people. It’s an absolute HONOR to be joining this group of people, who just want to love people.

            I’ve known for about two years that I was about to make a move somewhere. God was preparing my heart for it before I even had the details. So when He gave me the word, it was like it settled in my heart like a puzzle piece that completed the picture. Of course, it just fits.

            I’ve got to be honest. When Orlando dropped in my heart, I started searching the pros and cons of living in Orlando.  I am looking at all these things, quite honestly, having the temptation to be comfortable in the Great State of Texas.

Texas: My family, Bible Belt, safety net, people open your door, slow paced, stress-free.

If you know a Texan, you know what they think about Texas. Just the fact that any native-born Texan actually lives in any other state is a miracle in itself. ;)

So I’m having a mini-pity party, thinking Lord…I don’t want to move.

And the Lord speaks to my heart

“A place is not about those things. A place is about the people.”



I stand corrected.

It changed me. And the great thing about it, is once I said yes, He started to open my eyes to the beauty that is in a place.

I believe there’s someone who has been held back from moving somewhere they know God is leading them because of different circumstances, maybe you have said you’d never move back where you grew up. I encourage you to take the risk.

Moving from one place to another is really not as big of a deal as we make it. I know it may be easier for me to say, as a single person without a family to move.

But even when I do have a family of my own, my hope is that the pattern of our lives is as such that if God said go, we can just get up and go, knowing that our roots are not in a place or a city but our roots are deep in Him.

There are FAR more details about this whole move that if you see me, ask me about it and I’ll be glad to share more. 

God’s plan is bigger than what we could think up.

And there is purpose in our placement.

It’s best just to follow.

He knows. He knows.

For the Kingdom,



P.s. I'm going to be 40 minutes from the beach. And for all my friends with kids who like Disneyworld….I'm about to be your BFF. :)