A Dream Come True but that Doesn't Mean I'll Stop Dreaming.


Well, today is monumental in my life. It's the official release date of my book: ABBA. A book to young people whose parents' have gone through divorce. (Buy it here)

This is truly a dream come true to me. 

The first book I ever remember writing was when I was about 5 years old. It was a book called "The Mystery of the Cliff Hanger." It was dedicated to my favorite ride at Six Flags over Texas called the Cliff Hanger. Just admitting to the fact that was my favorite ride is sign number one I was an interesting child. It would drop you straight down to make most people cry. I loved it. 

Apparently there was some mysterious action going on at this ride that the hero (probably me, and I probably was awesome, with cool Sanrio shoes in the book. and had the name Felicia. For some reason that was the name I wish I had growing up...) needed to figure out.  

How I wish I could say that was my first published book. 

Sadly one day after getting in a knock-down, drag out fight with my sister, I got mad at her and threw my book away. 

Doesn't make any sense, I know. (Yet another reason..I was an interesting child.)

But even after this, I kept writing. 

Books kept coming and going in my heart (still need to write that Christianese dictionary).

There still are books in my heart, but I believe with all my heart when it comes to book writing (and anything else), there is a DUE TIME. 

I believe if there are books in you that are meant to be written, the Lord will show you what they are. 

I remember when the concept of this book (ABBA) came to me. I was speaking with my friend and all of a sudden I said, "Wouldn't it be cool if I wrote a book to young people who have walked through divorce?"

Right then it is like a fire began in my heart that could not be put out. 

Immediately when I got home, I put words to a page. 

I just began pouring out what had been stirring. 

God set a fire, an assignment in my heart. 

It was up to me to kindle that fire. 

One way to kindle the fire of an assignment, work on it. 

Keep kindling. Keep Burning.

Don't kindle? Dwindle. (sorry cheesy I know. Maybe Amazon should use this tagline.)

Four years later, many edits later...

I am holding my dream in my hand. 

Praise God.

But one thing I began to do once I signed this book contract, that I suggest NOBODY does? 

I stopped writing.

I journaled yes. (It's like therapy to me.)

But my dreaming stopped.

It was like I made it to a mountain. To a goal. And stopped. 

One day I realized: 

I can't just relish in my accomplishment and stop there. 

Dreams and Progress will be stunted. 

Fires will dwindle. 

And so will your impact on the earth. 

Even if you've made it to the top of the mountain, there's always another level. Seem impossible? They say it can't be done? 

Do it anyway.

So here I am holding my dream, thankful for what GOD has done. 

But ready to push the boundaries and limits for more, knowing that this is not ALL He can do. 

So don't get too comfortable, friends. 

We've got to be ready for anything, always changing, always growing. 

Let's jump.

P.S. I'm not saying that today I'm going to start writing another book and forget about this awesome day of my book launch. I am going to relish in my accomplishment today by celebrating and most likely eating a Cake Pop.