Grace for Each Season


I’m at the finish of a certain season in my life.

It has probably been the most pressing season I have ever walked through, but I have realized in a bigger way truly how amazing GRACE is.

Because although it has undoubtedly been the most challenging, it has also been the most Grace-filled.  It’s only in God  that the “hardest” season you walk through can through Grace seem like the easiest.

I learned from Mrs. Oretha Hagin that the price is not greater than God’s Grace.

Three years ago, I heard the Lord speak to my heart one word: available.

So, like so many of us have done, I thought I’d help God out a little bit and start defining what He meant by available. Of course Webster helped me in defining it as “to be suitable or ready for use.”

I automatically assumed I was supposed to be ready to go preach on a platform, travel the world, share the Gospel. I believe my heart for the most part had the right goal, but now looking back I see areas where pride was largely at reign.

So thinking I was about to come on the stage before many people’s eyes, God had a better idea:

“Stay where no one sees you.”

I was shocked when God truly showed me what He meant by “available”.

“OH, God..” I remember thinking, “You meant to be available to be used wherever I’m needed.”

And Oh my…the lessons that have been learned in these past 3 years of serving.

Lessons of so much importance that I have no human words to accurately describe their value.

Every season has hidden treasures.

Every season has rewards.

Some you see automatically. Some you see years down the road. But it’s in those lessons that you are being equipped for the places God is calling you to.

I encourage you, whatever season you are in…if it seems difficult, receive Grace.

It is ALWAYS worth it to run your race well.

Your life may not look how you planned it out but Trust God.

He was faithful to bring you to that place or job. He’s faithful to move you to whatever is next.

He’s the Great Completer. The One who has began your faith. The One that will Finish and Perfect it.

I’ve found that the greatest rewards in my life are from the seasons that cost the most.

In those rewards are beautiful lessons that have been added to life: bringing depth, understanding, wisdom and new dreams.

So whatever the season, cherish it while you are there.

You have Grace for this season and you will see great rewards.