What are The ABBA Sessions?

The ABBA sessions a video curriculum for young people whose parents' have gone through divorce. Within these six sessions,  join Jenny Kutz and other young people who have walked through the divorce or separation of their parents. They will share various struggles they faced, along with the victory and love they found in knowing God as their Abba, Father. 

How do I go through these sessions?

The ABBA sessions can be downloaded or streamed to any device. They can be used in both group or individual study. 

The ABBA Sessions Study Guide is available for you to print that can help you through the sessions.

 This guide will give you a place to write your thoughts and prayers, and it will offer encouraging scriptures and pieces of wisdom that God gave us as we walked through our parents’ divorces.

You can also follow the ABBA sessions along with the book ABBA: finding comfort in the Father after your parents divorce by Jenny Kutz. Just use whatever helps you most.  

Why are the ABBA sessions available by donation?

We want to make the ABBA sessions available to all who need it. If you are a young person who is hurting after your parents' divorce but don't have the finances to purchase a curriculum, you can download or stream them for free. Just put "0" in the space it asks for amount. However, if it is in your heart to sow into the work of Love to the Nations, it is available to do so yet not required. Just fill out the donation amount and payment info when prompted. 

Get the ABBA sessions here: 

Click the link below to get The ABBA sessions.  Once you have filled out the necessary information, you will be emailed a link where you can choose to either download or stream the files.

If you have any questions or for some reason would need a physical DVD, please contact us at contact@lovetothenations.com. We believe you will be blessed!

We'd like to thank...

So many people came together to give of their time, their heart and resources to see the ABBA sessions to completion. Thank you to the partners and friends of Love to the Nations for your prayers and giving into this work. Thank you to Dailey Whitehouse, Dexter Sullivan, Freddy Flanagan, Max Kutz, Melissa Swindle for being a part of these sessions and sharing your testimonies. Thank you to Kevin Bjorklund, the Producer for the ABBA Sessions. Thank you to Rob Wirtz for Audio. Thank you Heather Spivey for your BRILLIANT make-up work. Thank you to the Television Department at Kenneth Copeland Ministries for letting us film at the studio and giving of your time and gifts. We'd also like to thank some of our local favorites: The Music Bed, The Live Oak, and Brewed in Fort Worth, TX for allowing us to film in your awesome space. Thank you to Lauryn at MaudeC and Co. for the jewelry.